MMP053: My Conversation with Campus Minister, David Clark

Welcome to Episode 53! This week’s conversation is with David Clark. David is a staff member with the campus ministry, Christian Challenge, serving the students at California State University Chico. Links Mentioned: Christian Challenge CSUC The 17:6 Network Chico Community Church Hope Church Episode 2 – Getting to Know Matt Sturdevant Episode 7 – A […]

MMP052: Highlights, TakeAways and Lessons From My Recent Trip to Europe

Welcome to Episode 52! In this week’s episode I reflect on my recent trip to Europe, Germany and the Netherlands to work with the campus ministry of Connexxion.             Ben and I about to board our first train in Frankfurt. Attending church with Alex in Braunschweig. Touring in Koln with […]

MMP051: Turning Point, Lessons from Zacchaeus

Welcome to Episode 51! This week’s episode is a message I gave at Chico Community Church in Chico, CA, called Turning Point. We all face moments in our life when we are in the middle of a decision that will have greater impact on our future that we may realize. Download the handout: Turning_Point_-_Matt_Sturdevant Do you […]

MMP049: A Conversation with Campus Pastor and Soon-to-be Church Planter, Alex Barrett

Welcome to Episode 49! This week’s conversation is with Alex Barrett. Alex is currently serving as the Campus Pastor of Church in the Valley Alhambra.  Summer of 2018 he will be moving his family from Alhambra, CA to Fontana, CA where will be starting a brand new church to reach out to the community in […]

MMP048: Another Conversation with Paul Worcester…Campus Ministry & Sharing the Gospel

Welcome to Episode 48! This week’s conversation is with Paul Worcester. Paul is the Founder and Director of Christian Challenge at California State University Chico in Chico, California.  Paul was first a guest in Episode 7 of the Ministry Mentor Podcast.  We sit down for second conversation focused on the topic of Evangelism. Links Mentioned: Christian […]

MMP047: A Conversation with Worship Pastor, Lance Unrau

Welcome to Episode 47! This week’s conversation is with Lance Unrau. About two years ago now, Lance transitioned from a career in business to vocational ministry and serves as an Worship Pastor at Seabreeze Church in Huntington Beach, CA. Links Mentioned: The Antioch Project The 17:6 Network Seabreeze Church Episode 1 & Episode 2 – […]

MMP046: Filter Needed

Welcome to Episode 46! This week’s episode is a message I gave at Hope Church, called Filter Needed. We are surrounded by a variety of messages from friends, television, the internet, and, yes, the movies. In this message, hear how you can use the Bible as a trusted filter to determine what is true and […]

MMP044: July 10, 1993 – A day I’ll never forget!

Welcome to Episode 44!  Twenty four years ago today, something happened in my life that I’ll never forget.  It was painful, it was difficult and on this side of it, I’m grateful for the lessons learned.  Today, I’m briefly sharing the story and lessons learned. Links Mentioned: Bentley Dental 17:6 Network Antioch Project Episode 10 – […]