MMP048: Another Conversation with Paul Worcester…Campus Ministry & Sharing the Gospel

Welcome to Episode 48! This week’s conversation is with Paul Worcester.

Paul is the Founder and Director of Christian Challenge at California State University Chico in Chico, California.  Paul was first a guest in Episode 7 of the Ministry Mentor Podcast.  We sit down for second conversation focused on the topic of Evangelism.

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Matt’s Notes…

  • 3 Habits
    • Pray EVERY DAY for an open door
    • Create in Impact List
    • Plan a time to regularly spend with those who don’t yet know Christ
  • Paul’s Guide for starting spiritual conversations – F.I.R.E.
    • F – Find common ground
    • I – Interests (sports, etc.)
    • R – Relationships (friends, family, etc.)
    • E – Experiences with God/spiritual things

To Connect with Paul:


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