Walk Thru The Bible Live Events

One of my greatest joys and privileges is to be a National Instructor for Walk Thur the Bible, certified in both the Old Testament and New Testament Live Events.  I’ve been teaching Walk Thru the Bible live events since July 2014 and have had the privilege to lead over 1200 people through more than 15 live events.


Since 1976, Walk Thru the Bible has been Helping People Everywhere Live God’s Word.  This mission is accomplished by igniting a passion for God’s Word through innovative live events, inspiring biblical resources, and a global impact that changes lives worldwide…including yours.

Walk Thru the Bible live events are unlike any other Bible teaching you’ve experienced. Our live events unpack the big picture of the Bible in an exciting, engaging way that brings people together and ignites passion for God’s word.  In just a few hours, live events help the average layperson put together the big picture of God’s word like never before.

Check out this video to learn more about Walk Thru the Bible Events

I’d love nothing more than to discuss with you how we can bring this powerful, life changing event to your church.  Contact me for more information.