MMP012: 2016 Black Friday Bonus Episode

Welcome to episode 12…a special Black Friday bonus episode! This week is a special Bonus Episode of the Ministry Mentor Podcast.  The conversations I have with my guests often last much longer than what is part of the episode you hear.  From time to time I’ll be sharing content with you that was specially recorded […]

MMP011: A Conversation with Associate Pastor, Tim Hearon

Welcome to Episode 11! This week’s conversation is with Tim Hearon. Tim is the Associate Pastor at Chico Community Church in Chico, CA.  After a 10 year career in Campus Ministry at Universities in both Oklahoma and California, Tim recently made a transition to doing ministry in the local church context. Links Mentioned: University of Oklahoma […]

MMP010: A Conversation with Program Administrator, Lindsay Lanthripe

Welcome to Episode 10! This week’s conversation is with Lindsay Lanthripe. Lindsay is the Program Administrator for the 17:6 Network. Links Mentioned: Episode Recap Episode 2 – My Story Episode 3 – Brian Cropp, Associate Pastor at Hope Church Episode 4 – Randy Lanthripe, Sr. Pastor at Church In the Valley Episode 5 – Thad […]

MMP009: A Conversation with Christian Challenge Director, David Worcester

Welcome to Episode 9! This week’s conversation is with David Worcester. David is the Director of Christian Challenge at San Diego State University in San Diego, CA. Links Mentioned: Connexxion Student Ministry The Wisdom Conference with Harold Bullock Christian Challenge SDSU Mission Trails Church John Worcester Episode 7 – My Conversation with Paul Worcester Essentials […]