MMP043: Categories for Making Decisions

Welcome to Episode 43! This week’s episode is a brief clip from a recent talk that one of my mentors gave to a group of men and women who are training for careers in vocational ministry.

In about 10 minutes, Harold Bullock, outlines some crucial categories when evaluating the future.

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Notes from Harold Bullock’s talk:

  • Prayers
    • Something you are praying will happen.
    • great to set goals and lay out before the Lord things on your heart.
  • Possibilities
    • situations that you see that “could be.”
    • often we get worked up over possibilities, wrong time to.
    • consider, but don’t worry.
  • Opportunities
    • Situation opens up that you actually get an offer from someone to do something.
    • Characterized by an actually “offer.”
      • without an offer, it’s really just a possibility or prayer.
    • An offer outside of the will of God for your life is really not an opportunity.
  • Decisions
    • After offered a job, you have a decision to make.
    • Need to work a good process.
    • often people try to make decisions when you only have possibilities.
      • The enemy uses this tactic to get us to worry.
  • Plans
    • Once a decision is made you make plans.
    • Until a decision is made, you don’t need plans.
    • People try to make plans from possibilities.

You don’t have plans to make until a decision has been made.  You don’t have a decision to make until you have an actual opportunity to evaluate.  Until you have a real opportunity, don’t worry, just enjoy the possibilities.

Don’t worry about all that might or could happen.


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