MMP022: A Conversation with Student Pastor, Todd Dunham

Welcome to Episode 22! This week’s conversation is with Todd Dunham.


Todd is the Student Pastor at Hope Church in Fort Worth, TX, overseeing the 6th – 12th graders.  He shares from his 25+ years of working with students.

THIS WEEK’S SPONSOR: The Antioch Project

The Antioch Project is a 5 year, ministry leadership training program developed by the 17:6 Network for men and women who feel called to full-time vocational ministry.  It provides participants hands on training and leadership skills development in a peer cohort under coaching.  Students can also earn a Masters of Divinity degree if they join the Antioch Immerse specialty track.

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Lighting Round Notes:

  • Books:
  • Quotes:
    • “Never Stop asking: What am I about that is eternal?”
    • “Three things that are eternal: God, His Word and People.”
    • “People do what makes sense to them.” Harold Bullock
  • Todd’s advice to his 23 year old self:
    • Be about eternal things.
    • Character matters.

To Connect with Todd:

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